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Sticky Note Types (Functions)
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For every sticky type configured for a specific board there is a specific sticky function mapped.

There are four (4x) different Sticky Note Functions in, these four different functions are:

IMPORTANT: Each of these Sticky Note Functions is designed for specific purposes, and consequently they have slightly different behaviors.

Here is a short short video tutorial on how these four different types of Sticky Notes function (behave) in and the benefit of using the different types for facilitating PI events.

Configuring Sticky Types and Functions

In the RTE Cockpit, you decide which stickies to use and where. For a PI session, go to the desired board, pick a sticky note, and choose its function.

You can adjust the sticky function for your configured sticky notes on:

  • Team Boards

  • Risk Board

  • ART Backlog Board

  • ART Planning Board

    Solution Backlog Board

  • Solution Planning Board

  • Collaboration Canvases

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