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What is a PI session

A PI session covers the period of the whole PI, starting with Planning and throughout PI Execution.
You can run multiple PI sessions in parallel where one session is joined by one or multiple ARTs (Solution Train / Portfolio).

A PI session can be understood as a box with different collaboration boards on which you can add Sticky Notes.

Navigating outside of a PI session

After you logged in, you'll see your past, current and future PI sessions.

  1. Select a PI session

  2. Select your ART (in case you're part of a Solution Train)

  3. Select your Team

You'll now join your PI session and start on your teams planning board.

Navigation in a PI session

Top Navigation

At the top of your screen, you'll find these features:

  • Main Menu: Click to leave the PI session.

  • Search: Do you wanna focus on something specific? Use Search to highlight what is relevant for you on that board.

  • Team/ART Metrics: See your team/ART metrics.

  • Plan and Execution Mode: Flip this switch to move between planning and execution.

  • Team and ART dropdown: Switch between Teams and ARTs with ease.

  • Current Members Active on the Board: See your team board members at a glance.

  • Facilitation: Set a timer to stay focused during work-time or planning sessions or open the Plan Readout view.

  • Zoom function: Zoom in and out to see as much or as little detail as you need.

  • Your profile: Tweak your profile, access help, or check updates here.

Board Navigation Bar

On the side of your screen, you find the board navigation which allows you to easily switch between boards.

  • Shift Navigation: Move the bar left or right for comfort.

  • Solution Backlog Board: Manage your Solution PI Backlog.

  • Solution Planning Board: Your Solution Train / Portfolio plan, visualize dependencies across multiple ARTs and track progress during execution.

  • ART Backlog Board: Manage your ART PI Backlog, synch ART level work items from/to your ALM tool.

  • ART Planning Board: Your ART plan, visualize dependencies and track progress during execution

  • ART PI Risks: Track and monitor your ART PI Risks.

  • Team Board: Your teams plan, objectives and risks. Track progress during execution. Synch team level work items from/to your ALM tool.

  • Canvases: Lightweights whiteboards with a preset background for different purposes, such as retrospectives, I&A workshops, story maps, agendas, and many more.

Collaboration Bar

At the bottom right of your screen, you find some collaboration features:

  • Add a New Sticky: Create a new note on your board by click or drag&drop.

  • Select Multiple Stickies: Select and move multiple sticky notes at once. This also allows you to link multiple sticky notes or align them.

  • Scale Stickies: Adjust the size of your sticky notes.

When you scale up and down sticky notes this will also impact how other collaborators on the board will see the sticky notes.

  • Pointer: This is a simple tool for pointing at items during conversations.

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