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The following data fields are synchronized between and Jira.

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Issue/Epic Field Name


Sticky Note Type

Issue Type

Sticky Note Text


Text typed on the Sticky Note

Jira Issue Key
(ALM Issue Key)

Issue Key

Displayed on all Work Item type Sticky Notes that are synchronized.



Set or change the Iteration by drag-and-drop action on the Team Board.

Linked Sticky Notes



Configurable in RTE Cockpit on the Links tab in the PI session. The Issue-Links types available in Jira can be configured to be synchronized automatically based on linking corresponding Sticky Note types on Boards.

Story Points

Story Points

Only synchronized for Sticky Notes (Type Work Item) on Team Boards.



When synced with Jira, pulls the specific workflow from Jira for every sticky type. The colors used for progress bars are identical with the status categories defined in Jira (To Do, In Progress, Done).

WSJF (ART Backlog Priority Value)

Choose corresponding numeric field in Jira

Only synchronized on ART Backlog Board Sticky Notes. Visible on ART Planning Board Sticky Notes


Not synchronized

Stickers are local to and are best use to facilitate the conversations and decisions that need to happen during PI Planning and PI Execution.



Can be an out of the box or custom field in Jira.

Dependency Sticky Note Type

  • Depends / Depends On

  • Critical / Risky Links

  • Linked / Not Linked

Not synchronized

The Dependency Sticky Note is a meta Sticky Type. It acts as a placeholder for a conversation and collaboration between Teams. The Work Item type Sticky Notes linked to the Dependency are synchronized with Jira but the collaboration and cooperation that happens based on the Dependency Sticky Note is really the magic of the PI event and itself.


Not synchronized

ROAM is a special field on Risks Sticky Note types. After all, agile ways of working are all about accepting a different risk profile for the program of work.

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