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Risk Sticky Notes

Explore the unique behaviors and functions of risk sticky notes

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Special Attributes and Functionalities on Risk Sticky Notes

A “Risk” sticky has these special attributes and functionalities compared to other sticky note types:

  1. A ROAM Status

  2. A Risk can be moved (escalated) to the Program Risk Board

  3. Team (shows on ART PI Risk Board which team raised the risk)

Risks in Planning and Execution Mode

In Planning and Execution Mode you can see the following Attributes on the Risk Sticky Note:

  • Sticky Type

  • Sticker

  • Links

  • Mirror count (on how many other boards is this sticky note visualized)

  • ROAM Status

  • Team (on ART PI Risk Board only)

In Planning and Execution Mode you can perform the following Actions on the Risk Sticky Note

  • Change Sticky Type

  • Link

  • Move (to that ART PI Risk Board)

  • Mirror

  • Remove/Delete

  • Show Sticky Note Activity

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