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Create Sticky Notes
Create Sticky Notes
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There are five ways to create a sticky note

  1. Click add-sticky at the bottom of the page. (Note: If you click multiple times, multiple stickies will appear.)

  2. Drag&Drop a new sticky note out of the palette at the bottom

  3. Click and hold on the board, and new stickies will appear under the cursor.

  4. Right-click on the board to create a new sticky.

  5. Click "N" on your keyboard to quickly add a new sticky.

Use the palette

You can create a sticky note by clicking or with drag&drop.

Create a new sticky note out of the palette by clicking or using drag&drop

Changing the Font Size

There’s a clever feature that automatically scales up the text to be as large as possible within the note. It’s a bit like writing on physical sticky notes - a short note can be in big, bold letters, while a longer note needs smaller writing to fit.

Without this handy feature, the board might look a bit cluttered and harder to read.

Here's How to Scale Up Sticky Text Font

  1. Navigate to Settings (which you'll find in your profile)

  2. Check the box labeled "Scale up sticky text font." Your text size will now automatically fill the the sticky note, make it as big and readable as possible.

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