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Linking Sticky Notes and Objectives
Linking Sticky Notes and Objectives
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Linking Sticky Notes

You can link any sticky to any other sticky on How the link appears depends on the sticky types and view.

Links Between Stickies of the Same Type

These links are displayed with an arrow. The direction of the link is important when it is synced with an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool.

Links Between Stickies of Different Types

These links do not have an arrow displayed. The direction of the link is already defined when you sync it with an ALM tool.

Adding and Deleting Links

Adding Links

  • Method 1: Drag the red string from one sticky to another.

  • Method 2: Press the 'link' button on a sticky, select a sticky from the backlog-board, and create a link.

Deleting Links

To delete a link, click on the sticky involved in the link and then click on the 'remove' icon next to the string.

Visualizing Links

  • On the ART and Solution Planning Board, you will always see the strings that visualize links between sticky notes.

  • On the Team Board, these strings are not visible by default. However, you can change this behavior in the settings page to have the links permanently displayed on the Team Board.

Navigating to the Settings Page

To access the Settings page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile or avatar.

  2. Select 'Board Settings' from the dropdown menu.

Linking sticky notes and objectives is a powerful feature that can help you better visualize and manage your work. Start exploring the possibilities and unlock the full potential of linked sticky notes and objectives.

Linking Sticky Notes to Objectives

Easily connect a sticky note with an objective on the team board through various methods.

Linking a sticky note to an objective using the link button

  1. Click the Link button on the sticky you want to connect.

  2. Choose the Objective to which the sticky should be linked.

  3. Once linked, the objective will display the association.

Drag and Drop Linking:

You can establish a connection between a sticky note and an objective by simply dragging a link from the sticky directly to the objective. When a sticky is actively linked, associated objectives will be highlighted whenever the sticky card is in edit mode, is focused on, or is being dragged.

Unlinking sticky notes from objectives

If you wish to sever the connection between a sticky and its objective, click the Link button on the sticky, and select the option to unlink.

Visualizing Linked Sticky Notes

Every objective showcases the count of stickies linked to it in the Links column.

Link Count

When you Click on the Link Count button beside an objective to display a list of all linked stickies. To remove a sticky from this list (unlink it from the objective), simply click on it. Once the link is removed, the sticky will vanish from the list. To reestablish the link, you can either use the drag-and-drop method or the sticky note link button.

Highlighting Linked Stickies

When you select an objective on the board, all stickies linked to that objective will be highlighted for easy identification. To deselect the objective and remove this highlight, press the Esc key on your keyboard or click anywhere else on the board.

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