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Pin Sticky Notes

Discover the art of pinning sticky notes to keep them and their linked counterparts highlighted.

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Harness the power of pinning to accentuate connections between sticky notes. This nifty function allows you to maintain the visual emphasis on linked notes, illustrating the threads that bind them together.

Here's how it works:

1. Highlight Linked Notes: By pinning a sticky note, all connected notes shine in the spotlight, making it easier to visualize associations.

2. Fade Out the Unrelated: While your primary and linked notes stand out, the rest of the board's stickies gracefully fade into the background, eliminating distractions.

3. Easy to Use: Either long-press or simply click a note to pin it. This action will highlight all associated notes and dim the rest.

4. Ending the Pin: Ready to move on? Just click on the pinned note again or hit the Escape key to release it.

Why Pin a Sticky Note?

If any of the following scenarios resonate with you, then the pinning function is designed for you:

  • Focused Feature Review: Need to review a feature and wish to spotlight all related sticky notes, such as associated stories? Pinning ensures your focus remains undivided.

  • Enhanced Visual Management: When reviewing a sticky note and its connections, the pinning feature brings clarity by making unrelated notes recede into the backdrop.

The beauty of pinning lies in its simplicity. It's a quick and effective tool to streamline your tasks, ensuring you concentrate on what truly matters. Whether you're looking to track a project's progress or navigate complex relationships between notes, pinning is the key to a hassle-free and efficient board management experience.

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