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A smart Sticky Note
A smart Sticky Note

Dive into the most basic and versatile sticky: the Note.

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Simplicity of the Sticky Note

Sticky notes within are far more than simple visual aids. On this page, you'll explore how to harness the full potential of sticky notes and integrate them seamlessly into your planning and execution processes.

Meet context-aware sticky notes

Discover Sticky Notes which adapt to your context and needs, guiding you seamlessly through planning and execution.

What attributes you see on sticky notes depends on

  • The type of a Sticky Note

  • The mode in which you use the Sticky Note

  • The Board on which the Sticky Note is visualized

Type of a Sticky Note

You want to see relevant information on a sticky note based on the type. While story points are relevant on user stories, on a simple note, story points are needless.

Planning and Execution Mode

You want to see relevant information on a sticky note based on the mode. While story points are relevant during planning, you prefer to see the status and progress while executing the plan.

Visualized on multiple Boards

A sticky note might be visualized on multiple boards. When you update the iteration of a dependency on one board, you want to be sure that the iteration is also updated on all other boards where that dependency is visualized.

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