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Enhancing Sticky Notes with Stickers

Amplify your board's visual appeal and attention points with stickers.

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Enhancing with Stickers

Brighten up your board and emphasize specific sticky notes using stickers. They're available for all sticky types on every board.

It's completely up to you!

Stickers do not have any meaning by default. It's completely up to you to give them a purpose. Stickers do have the power to boost your effectivity during planning and execution.
Here are some examples we've seen at our customers

  • A blue question mark indicates that this team does have a question for Product Management

  • A green flag on a dependency indicates that the dependency was discussed and both teams agreed on a plan

  • An orange exclamation mark indicates an impediment which should be addressed by the RTE

Be creative and make sure that your working agreements are understood by all collaborators.

Pro Tip!

Stickers do create massive value in connection with the advanced search.

Adding a Sticker

Press the placeholder icon at the sticky's top right, then choose your sticker.

Remember: One sticker per sticky note.

Removing a Sticker

Click the active sticker on the top right of the sticky note. Change the sticker or press clear.

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