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What is

Simple Planning, Smooth Execution - get an overview

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What is

Welcome to, your powerful, easy-to-use tool for streamlined planning and execution across complex networks of teams. cuts through complexity and lets teams zero in on delivering value to customers. Our platform brings team efforts into clear focus, driving informed conversations and decisions.

You can use to:

  1. Cross-Team and cross-ART dependency handling
    By blending ART and Solution Planning Boards, offers a new lens on dependency handling. It ensures STEs, RTEs, and entire teams have a clear roadmap, emphasizing integration and customer value.

  2. Planning Meets Execution is the frictionless solution where planning and execution converge, enabling teams to track progress and handle dependencies in the very environment where they've been planned.

    Thanks to the real-time, bi-directional integration with Jira, Rally, and Azure DevOps, you don't have to go back into your ALM tool.

  3. Context-aware Sticky Notes
    Mirroring allows any sticky to be replicated in a different context across boards and organization levels. Maintaining consistency across boards becomes effortless.

  4. Simplicity
    Our interface molds to your needs. With intuitive actions like filtering, clustering, and rearranging - becomes your visual compass.

Learn about each of's features here.

Who uses

In case you and your teams operate in a large-scale environment and multiple teams or larger business units work on interconnected projects, offers you the needed visibility, transparency and simplicity to plan and execute on your work and provides the needed focus on outcomes.
Managing dependencies and risks as easy as it can be, aiming to improve collaboration, accelerate delivery, and increase responsiveness to market demands.

We offer three plans tailored to your needs.

Is for you?

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