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ALM Connections: Getting Started
ALM Connections: Getting Started

Integrate with ALM tools - Jira Software, Rally Software, Azure DevOps) for bi-directional real-time synchronization.

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Start with the end in mind...

Refer to the big picture below to learn about how the real-time synchronization works in The supported ALM tools are: Jira Software, Rally Software and MS Azure DevOps.

Our BIG picture showcasing the Work Item Sticky Note synchronization on ART Backlog Board and the Team Boards where these work items originate.

Backlog Work Items in these ALM tools can be synchronized on two levels:

  1. the ART level

  2. the Team level

There are specific Boards in for each of these levels. Each level (Team, ART or Solution Train) is represent as node in the Organization hierarchy.



Solution Train / Portfolio

Solution Backlog

Solution Planning Board


(Agile Release Train)

ART Backlog Board

ART Planning Board
ART PI Risks Board

ART PI Objectives


Team Board

Table: Organization nodes and corresponding Boards: bold type indicates which Boards have Work Item type Sticky Notes that synchronize via the ALM Connection


Each node in the Organization - Solution Train > Agile Release Train (ART) > Team - has, what we call an origin Board. The origin Board is where the respective ALM Work Items are managed. Even though that synchronized Sticky Note / ALM Work Item originates on a specific board, it can them be mirrored to other boards for transparency and rapid decision making.

The origin Boards hold the Backlog Work Items for the respective organizational node. In practice the origin Boards in a PI event are as follows:

  • Solution Backlog Board for Solution Trains (ST) - is a container for the ST backlog items such as Capabilities etc.

  • ART Backlog Board for ARTs - is a container for the ART Backlog of Features, Enablers that you will synchronize to/from the ALM tool etc.

  • Team Board for Teams - each Team has their own unique Team Board. Team Boards are for User Stories, Enablers, Defects that synchronize to/from the ALM tool etc.

Firewalls and the IP Range to allow connections with

If your ALM tool is behind a firewall then you need to allow for network traffic from our IPs, which are:


  • (Starting December 2023)

  • (Starting December 2023)

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