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#2 Teams
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Step 2 Teams on the eleven step wizard for preparing a new PI session

Inviting Teams and/or ARTs to a PI session

When configuring a new session, you have to decide which teams will attend this PI session.

  • Click on the Search for ART / ST field

  • Select either an ART or a Solution Train from the dropdown list of preconfigured ART or Solution Train Organization nodes.

IMPORTANT: Teams can only be added to a PI session during the session creation. You will be unable to -remove / +add a Team once the PI Session is created.

In the example of the screenshot we selected the Solution Train called ACME Inc. Jira Solution Train. When selecting the Solution Train or ART Organization node, the Teams will automatically be added.

Now things [magically] happen in the background to make the PI Session setup easy, such as:

  • Team Boards are created for each participating Team

  • The ART Planning Board is created with a dedicated swimlane for each Team

  • Solution Train only: The Solution Planning Board will be created with a swimlane for each ART.

Select the ART or Solution Train to participate in the PI Session

Search for ART / ST displays a list of the ARTs or Solution Train/s that are configured under the Organization menu.

IMPORTANT: Now that you are here, there are a couple of specific configuration options that you can perform, this one time and one time only:

  • +Add other Teams that exist in the Organization to participate in this PI session, even if they are not an existing member of the ART

  • -Remove Teams from the ARTs if they are not participating in this PI session

  • Reorder the Teams, which will set the order of the Team swimlanes on the ART Planning Board

Teams attending a PI session AND no Team Board or ART Planning Board swimlane required

You can add teams to a PI session without the Team having it's own Team Board or a dedicated swimlane on the ART Planning Board.

Some customers find this is useful for scenarios where they want to provide transparency for other stakeholder Teams. A team which is attending a session (but does not have its own Team Board in that session) can join the PI session and participate in the fun.

  1. Click on the Teams without boards tab

  2. Add one or more Teams

Adding stakeholder Teams to the PI Session that support the ART or Solution Train
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