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Manage ARTs

How to set up and manage Agile Release Trains (ARTs) in

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Creating an ART

  1. In the RTE Cockpit navigate to the Organization menu.

  2. Click the ARTs tab

  3. Click the Create ART button

  4. Complete the Create ART page

    1. Enter the ART Name

    2. Optional: Select a Solution Train in the Belongs to Solution Train field

    3. Add Teams to the ART by putting focus on the Teams in ART field. Select Teams to belong with the ART | Note: A Team can only belong to one ART

Creating an ART and ordering the Teams in the ART

Figure I: Creating and Editing an ART: RTE Cockpit > Organization > ARTs. The order of the Teams in ARTs dictates the order of the Team swim lanes on the ART Planning Board.

Editing an ART

TIP: The order of Team swim lanes on the ART Planning Board is configurable by changing the order of the Teams in the ART.

To change the Team order to which will then reflect these changes on the ART Planning Board.

  1. Edit the ART

  2. Under the Teams in ART tab, simply rearrange the order of the Teams by drag-n-drop.

Note: This Team swimlane order will only take affect on PI Sessions created after this change. To have this Team order take effect in a PI Session you have already started preparing, you will need to duplicate the PI Session [create a new one] so that it will inherit the new Team order on the ART Planning Board.


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