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Manage Teams

Tips for admins on different user types, team management, and organizing teams into ARTs or Solution Trains within the

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Team Overview

Going to Organization in the RTE Cockpit you'll see your team overview including an overview about your license situation.

Team License is licensed on a team basis. Every team, and it's team members, actively participating in PI sessions, must have a license assigned.

You can add as many users as you want to a team. A team will own a separate Team Board and a swimlane on the ART Planning Board.


You can only have as many "active" teams as you have available licenses. In case you've reached the limit of licenses it's not enough to only remove a license from one team to give the license to another. You must archive the team first.

Create and Edit a Team

  1. Give your team a name

  2. Define to which ART the team belongs to

  3. Add existing Users as members or invite new team members (see Manage Team Members)

A team must belong to an ART so it can be added to a PI Session

Manage Team Members

Add Team Members

On the team management page you have two options to add team members

Existing Users

Select team members out of existing users clicking on the Add Member search field

New Users

Especially useful when setting up a new team, you can invite multiple new users at the same time and add them directly to the newly created team.

  • Insert multiple email addresses consecutively using Enter, Comma, or Space.

  • You can also utilize various methods to input multiple email addresses at once, like using an email distribution list.

  • Invitations create a user account with a role of "member" and dispatch an email invitation link.

Remove Team Members

Hover over a team member and click on the red cross on the right to remove the team member.

Archive a Team

In situations of restructuring, you might need to transition licenses from one team to another while retaining historical data.

Steps to archive a team

  • In the RTE Cockpit, select "Options" next to the team, and choose "Archive."

Let's be clear

  • Archived teams cannot be unarchived

  • They cannot log in or be included in new sessions

  • Archived teams do not use up licenses

Delete a Team

You can delete a team only if that team isn't part of any PI session. Either you delete the PI session before (Caution: This will delete data) or you archive the team.

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