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PI Session Configuration - Getting Started
PI Session Configuration - Getting Started

The starting point to set up and configure a SAFe PI Session. Step-by-step instructions and specific ALM sync details to follow.

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Before clicking the Prepare new PI button - to set up a new PI session - in the RTE Cockpit > SAFe PIs, follow the steps below as a sort of order of operations:

  1. Ensure all necessary team-level nodes are set up in the Organization module, i.e. the Teams, ART, and Solution Trains.

  2. Know the PI event dates and Iteration cadences, i.e. start date, number of iterations, and the duration of each Iteration in calendar days.

  3. Login with either the Admin or PI Admin roles.

  4. Navigate to the RTE Cockpit > SAFe PIs page. Note: Alternatively directly navigate to

Note: Prepare a new PI session without the ALM tool sync, if one of the options below suits your needs:

  • Teams (business teams, dev teams, etc.) do not use an ALM tool but want the structured collaboration and facilitation provides.

  • Teams use another ALM tool (e.g. Aptio TargetProcess, GitHub, ServiceNow, etc.) and you will perform a manual sync using the CSV Import and XLSX Download utilities.

Next, choose a button below to navigate to the articles that provide step-by-step instructions and guidance for setting up the PI event best suited for your context.

Two (2x) factors determine the context for setting up the PI event, these are:

  1. ALM Connection: What ALM system (Jira Software, Azure DevOps, or Rally Software) are you connecting to?

  2. Organization: Will the PI session support just a single Agile Release Train (ART) OR will it be a PI event that coordinates multiple ARTs in a Solution Train (ST) setup?

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