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Handling Dependency Warnings
Updated over a week ago

If you encounter a dependency that doesn't align with your timeline, you'll see an alert in the top navigation and warnings visualized on the boards.

Warning Notification

An alert appears in the top navigation in case one or more links/dependencies on a board are in a risky or critical state.

When you click on the alert, you enter the search highlighting the sticky notes at risk.

Use the search bar to filter out "Risky" or "Critical" links/dependencies. This filter can also be combined with other search criteria.

Warning states


The link might be achievable by the implementing team, but there's a significant risk involved. This warning is triggered when the dependency is scheduled for the same sprint as its corresponding Feature (program level item).


The link isn't feasible within the set timeline. Specifically, this warning appears when the feature (which relies on this dependency) is slated for delivery before the dependency itself is complete.

Link/Dependency warnings on the Team Board:

On the team board, stickies that are linked to a dependency will spotlight "Critical" dependencies, particularly when the team-level sticky is set for implementation post the scheduled completion of the dependency.

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