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Load vs. Capacity
Load vs. Capacity

Flow Load is a leading indicator. Understanding the work load to team capacity ratio has a significant impact on success.

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Load vs. Capacity Metrics

  • provides two (2x) leading indicators of the Flow Framework: Capacity Allocation (Flow Distribution) and Load vs. Capacity (Flow Load).

  • Flow Load being the focus of this Help Article. These metrics are displayed via the Load vs. Capacity page on both the Team Board and the ART Planning Board.

  • provides this metric at both the ART and Team levels

  • On the ART Planning Board click the ART Metrics icon (top left)

  • On the Team Boards click the Team Metrics icon (top left)

Tips for using the Load vs. Capacity metrics for RTEs, Team Coaches etc.

  • The background color of the Iteration will vary depending on the Load level. This background color is visible on both the Team Board and the ART Backlog Board.

  • Plan work to capacity especially when there is a lot of uncertainty or unknown variables in the work. This allows for quality to be maintained..

Set [Team] Capacity

  1. On the Team Board, find the Capacity field in each Iteration section.

  2. Here, you'll see the Capacity set by default to 0 .

  3. Click this field and input your team's capacity.

Capacity field on the Team Board is set in each Iteration.

Load automatically calculated

  • The system takes away the guesswork by automatically calculating the Load for an Iteration.

  • Load is determined based on the Story Points assigned to each Sticky Note Work Item type within that Iteration.

Load Indicators: Background Colors Red, Yellow, Blue

Load less than < Capacity

As long as the Load is less than the Capacity, the background is colored with a light blue and at the top right of the iteration, you find a blue check mark.

When the Team Load is less than the Team Capacity (Velocity) the background is blue.

Load greater than > or equal to Capacity

If Load meets or exceeds Capacity, you'll see a light red background. It's a visual indicator for everyone that the team estimates the level of work (complexity, uncertainty, volume) is more than they would normally expect to complete in the Iteration.

When the Team Load is greater than the Team Capacity (Velocity) the background is red..

Load Warning

You can set up a load warning threshold, in the Profile > Board settings page. If the Team's Load is above the warning percentage threshold, but below the Capacity (Velocity), then the background turns light yellow. And, the eye icon stays there.

When the Load is between the Load Warning Percentage threshold and below the Capacity, then the background is light orange..
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