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Start Here: Tutorials
Start Here: Tutorials

This is the perfect starting point to enabling Users on Links to 101 tutorials based on Roles/personas.

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A closer look at in action. Get insights into how works via a demonstration video tutorial. Socialize this with your team or anyone in the larger collective organisation to see how it can become an integral part of any type of Planning Increment (PI) event (remote, hybrid, on-site). A sticky note and whiteboard experience beyond the physical.

Team Coach, Scrum Master or Team Members 101

Get started with the 101 tutorials. A playlist for anyone who is collaboratively participating in the PI event. Become efficient at finding the information you need during a PI.

The term "101" refers to basic knowledge of a topic or a collection of introductory materials to a topic. The Oxford English Dictionary records the usage of "101" in this slang sense from 1986.[11]

Admin and PI Admins: RTE Cockpit 101 administration 101 tutorials can be found here. Users with the Admin role or the PI Admin role have access to the RTE Cockpit area. Modules: Organization, User Management (SSO), ALM Connections, and PI Sessions.

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