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Show Sticky Note Activity
Show Sticky Note Activity

Follow the history and life cycle of the Sticky Note using the Activity button on the sticky note action bar

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You can easily access a chronological history or audit log of all the activities that have occurred on a Sticky Note via the Sticky Note Activity panel.

How to open the Sticky Note Activity panel

Access sticky note activity using the Activity button on the Sticky Note Action bar.

What you see on the Sticky Note Activity panel

  • The Sticky Note Activity panel will appear in the right side of the web browser.

  • All activities that are logged appear in chronological order

  • To view additional details of each logged activity use the menu carrot ^ to view: time stamp, changes to the Sticky Note attributes, and when relevant the previous and new value.

You can exit the sticky note activity panel by

  • Clicking outside somewhere on the board

  • Clicking the hide panel button

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