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Troubleshooting 🧐 Performance or Latency Issues
Troubleshooting 🧐 Performance or Latency Issues

If you are observing performance or latency issues during a PI Session, please follow the following guidance in this article.

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If you are experiencing any performance or latency issues with during a PI Session, please follow the guidance in this article as it is our sincere desire to find the root cause and rectify the issue ASAP.

Overview of troubleshooting steps to expedite a resolution

  1. Share the following information in the initial contact with us to expedite a resolution:

    1. Primary data about your environment (e.g. browser, network)

    2. Describe the scenario and user actions in as much detail as possible

    3. Advise us if other users on your team or in your organization are experiencing this same issue.

  2. Perform a couple of simple tests to quickly pinpoint and identify the scope of the issue. Note: the data you will obtain from this activity will be invaluable to both you and us.

  3. Use the browser Developer Tools to capture specific information that will help you identify if the issue is internal due to VPN or firewalls; and if it is a local browser or network issue, this data will allow you to resolve quickly with internal network teams

Step 1: Check the Status Page

We have a Status Page that will tell you in realtime the status of the services: Collaboration Environment (all the Boards in your PI Session), RTE Cockpit, and WebHooks receiver.
Check this page to know if there are any issues related to the uptime of these services. IF, the services are operational and displaying a green status, the next thing to do is move to steps #2-4, below.

Step 2: Share date/time stamp, environment, and user action details

IF, the services are operational (Green) then next step is to help you troubleshoot what is happening between our servers and your local computer.

The next step #2 is then to provide the following information in the initial contact with us:

  • Username and the Date/Time the issue was experienced

  • Details of your local computer:

    • Browser type/version

    • OS version

    • Local computer CPU/RAM resource specs and usage

  • Describe in detail the user actions being performed or what actions you where trying to complete when the latency/performance issue was encounter.

  • Share information about how many users are experiencing the same or similar issue, and include the general location/environment details of these users too.

Our advice: please contact your Admin or PI Admins and share with them all the information outlined above, so they can pass it onto us. When you provide the information outlined above, in the initial contact to us, it allows us to start investigating immediately. That gives us the best chance to effectively collaborate to identify a potential resolution. Please try to provide the information outlined in the bullet points above in any initial contact about performance/latency issues.

Step 3: Perform some additional tests if you can afford the time...

IF the following tests are applicable to your situation, AND IF you have the time, performing these tests and reporting the results would be helpful and very much appreciated. The goal here is to collect (buy) more information that helps us make logical decisions about how to resolve the issue. Sincerely, thank you in advanced, if you are able to complete this activity too.

Here are some ideas of exploratory tests to run; please share the results:

  • Test Case 1: IF, you are on a corporate VPN or behind a firewall, THEN please try to test if the issue can be reproduced when you are off the VPN or not behind the firewall.

  • Test Case 2: IF, you are using the MS Edge or Safari browsers, try using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Step 4: Inspect the network activity from the Browser Developer Tools

  • In the browser tab were you have Collaboration Environment open

  • Go to the Browser Developer Tools. Example: on Chrome this is View > Developer Tools or keyboard shortcut Option + Cmd + I

    • If needed, please Navigate to the Network tab in the Developer Tools window

  • Please refresh the browser. Then perform the same actions that you were trying to execute when the latency issue was observed. In the Network tab you will see a list of all the resources loaded, and the status/times for each resource being loaded on the page.

  • Find the resource/activity that is taking the longest time or displaying an error code. See screenshot below.

  • Click on the resource Name hyperlink (in the 1st column) to open up the details of this resource. Navigate to the Timing tab to see the waterfall graph with the time phases.

  • Please take a screenshot of the waterfall chart in the Timing tab, and send it to us. See screenshots below for additional guidance.

Network tab on Developer Tools in Chrome.

Open Developer Tools in the browser, navigate to the Network tab. Refresh the UI. Sort + find the activities (resource/s) with the longest Time.

Developer Tools Network tab and the waterfall time phases.

Please send us a screenshot or download of the Timing phases in the waterfall chart.

Click on the resource Name hyperlink (the ones with the longest duration). Next, click on Timing tab. PLEASE: Take a screenshot of the waterfall graph and send it to us.


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